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Originally Posted by BJ1200 View Post
Thanks for the response. However, today Verizon forced a Jelly Bean 4.3 update and now no videos work in HW mode. The only solution is to update from our current v1.9 150 which has been working just the latest BSPlayer version and loose the AC3 audio in all our movies.

I appreciate the link but it doesn't appear to be a solution for an Android phone. Additionally, you must be a coder to understand that gobbllygook.
system is designed to work with NDK standalone toolchain (read NDK documentation docs/STANDALONE-TOOLCHAIN.html).
Unpack FFmpeg source bellow, edit '' script and set NDK toolcahin
I know this is an old thread but for those who don't understand all the "gobbllygook", just download the all in one Windows zip file using the link Ico-Man supplied. Unzip the file to your C:\ drive (root of C). When it's unzipped open the folder "ffmpeg-build-windows" in a command prompt mode by holding the shift key and right clicking the folder and selecting "Open Command Window Here". Inside there are several .bat (batch) files. Type "dir" and hit enter to see the list. Type the name of the .bat file that corresponds to the GPU type you need a custom codec for. A Window will open and a whole lot of activity will take place in it. It may take some time to finish depending on your PCs CPU power. When it's done you'll see the word ** DONE ** as one of the last lines in that busy little window. Close it and open the folder inside ffmpeg-build-windows labeled "lib". This is your custom codec .so file for BS Player. Copy it to the internal sdcard root and then open BS Player and tell it to use the custom codec.

Pretty simple but takes time..... :)

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