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afaik, there are a few different "quicktime" formats out there.. the old ones with cinepak compression should play with virtually any player, as windows already includes an appropriate codec. then there are newer ones with compression technology by sorenson, which can't be played back by most players, except those with special quicktime handling (i.e. MPC or the crappy Craptime player itself).
furthermore, there are some mjpeg compressed quicktime movies (many digital cameras use this format), which can be played back with most players when you have an mjpeg codec installed.
BSplayer can play the old cinepak files and the mjpeg files (if codec installed), however, some files may look greasy. (you might want to try overlay mode 2 in this case)

just my 2 cent ;)

PS. 'native' QuickTime support in BSplayer 1.0 would be really really great! :)
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