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What you need to do is to have DivX 3.11 installed (for DivX Audio not included with later versions) and DivX 5.02. When you install DivX 5.02 answer "yes" to the question if DivX 5.02 should play 3.x material.

Start a movie with BSplayer, rightclick movie, go to "Properties" in that menu, select "DivX decoder filter".

Click "Quality settings" tab, check "yuv extended mode" and "Overlay extended mode". (If your graphicscard supports this, I think so).

Now you should've gained some 10-20% performance, and even 640x360 movies should play fine.

If you still need more performance try setting your system FSB speed to 112 MHz (if you know anything about overclocking and your system supports it). AMD K6 suffers from low memory bandwidth since it has no level 2 cache built-in. By increasing your system buss (FSB) to 112 MHz from 100 you increase your systems perfermance by at roughly 10%. (Make sure you lower the multiplier so that your CPU speed stays the same).

Good luck dude!
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