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Default Sound goes faster than picture, and Complete System Shutdown

Ok, this is my problem, one that is not only related to this, but other players as well

On some movies I watch, the sound goes faster than the picture, if yu get what I'm saying. But this problem is not unique to the BS player. It also occurs if I use Media Player, but not if I play the vidio op DivX. The solution to this would be to play it on DivX, except for the freakish unstability of that player on my system, and that moves me onto my next problem

Also, another problem, this time universal over all players I use. Occasionly, the picture stops and sound contines. On BS Player, the picture remains, but doesn't move, while on DivX and Media Player, the screen just turns black. Most of the time, I recover from such events, but sometimes, the computer goes automaticly into safe mode and tells me that there has been a fatal software error, and it is best to save my work and restart the computer.

Has anyone got any sugestions to ether problem?
My system is relitivly new (ie, early this year)
1.7 Gig Celeron Prossessor
NiVada TNT2 64 Vidio Card (I personally think this is the problem, but no one listens to me)
256 Mb Ram
RealTech AC97 Audio Sound card

And Please do not say update vidio cards, I have the latest cards avalible and the problem still persists

I will be thankful of any help given
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