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REDONDOS is an unknown quantity at this point

I agree on the fact the multi-monitor support has been improved. It is way easier now to switch the monitor in which you want to watch your videos, but I must say that it is VERY buggy.

For example:
1- You have a playing movie on Monitor 1 in windowed mode (not fullscreen, and of course not on desktop mode either).
2- You move this window to Monitor 2.

If you dragged the window correctly, and this is you haven't dragged it a bit past the edges of the second monitor you'll have your BSPlayer window playing the movie correctly, but if you failed to do so (that's you released the mouse button, say, when the window was 50% on monitor 1 and 50% on monitor 2 - I'll have to check this percentages) then the movie disappears!

This happens to me a lot, since my monitor is on 1280x1024 and my TV on 800x600: windows that look "normal" on the monitor are really huge on the TV. This increases my chances of releasing the window in the wrong position.

I have to restore my previous registry settings in order to continue watching other videos, not even restarting the player will fix it.
So I simply exported HKCU\Software\BST to a .reg file that I can import again to my registry everytime something like this happens, without the fear of losing any settings. (It started to get a bit annoying to use CleanReg.exe several times a week and having to re-configure the program)

Any of you eager to help, please confirm this bug for me.

p.s.: Of course BSPlayer rocks and nobody will beat this nifty player!
p.s. 2: Do you think that The Core Media Player is a rip of BSP+Winamp? I know I do...
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