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Default Subtitle Position on "Select" but it doesn't work

Hi, I recently uninstalled then installed BSPlayer 0.86 Build 499 again.

(Oh just something irrelevant. I seemed to have a problem with subtitles gradually lagging behind the video (.ogm with subtitles included in the OGM file) but after I installed ffdshow and dsp2show, the subtitles perfectly synched with the video. Any idea what happened? I thought ffdshow nor dsp2show was required to play ogm files. I dunno, just wanted to add my odd observation for discussion or consideration.)

Anyway, my real question is why when I right click on BSPlayer and change the "Subtitles position" option to "Select" and then click on what height of the screen i want the subs to be displayed, nothing happens. The subtitles remain on the video image. I KNOW for a fact that the video does not have subtitles burned into the image because I watched these videos a while back and I vividly remember first being elated by the fact that BSPlayer allowed me to change the subtitle position. When I try to change anything else in that right-click menu in the Subtitles section (like Transparent, Increase font size, or even Show Subtitles!) nothing changes with the subs! Also, comparing the text "Subtitle sample" (that is supposed to let me know where the position of the subtitles WOULD be) to the actual subtitles in the OGM video, the "Subtitle sample" is jagged, not anti-aliased (?) like the real and stubborn subtitles.

Um, I've tried playing with the preferences and even uninstalling then reinstalling BSPlayer again to reset the preferences to the original settings. Nothing seems to work for me.

The pics below are screenshots of my BSPlayer "General" preferences and my "Subtitles" preferences, and the menu that pops up with a list of "active" splitters/filters/decoders/etc when I right-click on that green arrow in the tray for "DirectVobSub."

Any ideas? I searched the forums and couldn't find anything on this problem. I hope you guys can help me out. If ya can't and you had the same problem, perhaps we can commiserate and discuss what could have possibly went wrong?

Great player by the way. Be glad to donate.

Sorry, the pictures are down for the moment. -_-
Give me like 20 minutes from now (5:21PM EST)
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