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Unhappy 3+ years and nothing...


has the developer decided NOT to issue a v3 for Win platform. Or he is settled with Android and all income from there lonely?

Please be honest with us. Stop playing around. It is not correct and not advisable in long-term.

There are very few true features that these days a new version can provide.

* speed up (something long nicely imported in the Android version);
* a few facelifting UI details.
* an automatic online subtitle check (in Android already)

ICO-MAN, you really begin to remind of all those INTERNET SCAM people.

Please bear that in mind and treat us as ordinary people that know when they are being lied.

We really don't care about the core of the problems, but a simple brief idea of it would show the required respect that have paid or are willing to pay for a product.

* The dev is not interested and we are looking for a new one.
* The dev is too busy so at the moment ETA is unknown.
* There will be no v3 until further note: the project is being abandoned for the moment.
* There are tech-related issues with porting to new platforms.
* Some bugs are being polished for Win 10, expect a V3 in 3 months.

Here are just a few one-sentence explanations. You see - we are not idiots, we will understand.

But not addressing the core issue at all for more than 3 years....

Talk to the DEV (if you are his PR or whatever). Make him consent to the few wise words from this post. Perhaps then he will let you explain us the true cause of this tremendous slow down.

You know, a big base of your past customers is gone. Every day a few more decide for a new player.

I guess the DEV felt like a superstar when he first developed that player, and sure there were very few unfamiliar with it.

Now he has to face the truth. There are many others. He might get to create some uber cool new non-existing-in-other-windows-based-players feature, but most probably the idea would come from a user.

If he delays the explanation he will lose all of his user base. The chance to make another hyper innovation will vanish! Making of a few extra $ will disappear too.
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