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Default Playlist order messed up. Maybe bug?


I would like to understand how the hell files are sorted in BSPlayer playlists.

I have these problems when adding a full album set to a BSPlayer playlist:

1) With MP3 files, first track number is NEVER read from ID3 tags, so track #01 appears always at the end of playlist. Album's playback always starts from track #02...
2) Sometimes, also other tracks in the album are set in the playlist without track number. This seems to occur totally randomly.
3) When adding FLAC files, track numbers are NEVER read and all tracks are sorted alphabetically instead of by track number.

Is this a lack of feature, a bug? Or maybe am I doing something wrong?

All my MP3/FLAC tags are clean, precise and carefully set (file name, artist, album, track numbers, etc....).
Thus, all my music files are named with the track number in the file name (for example: "08 - Starway to heaven.mp3") precisely to avoid this kind of problems. But BSPlayer seems to ignore file name, while tags reading are mismatched. So nothing really works.

So: why is BSPlayer, which seems to rely so intensively on playlist system, so messed up when it comes to order files precisely in these same playlists?

Thanks for any possible explanation (and maybe a solution?)
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