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Default Difficulties with floating window

Hi, I have been using bsplayer for a while, and am having a few difficulties with the floating window mode.

My first issue is that while I can play and pause the video in windowed mode, I am unable to skip forward or go back within the video.

  • I have largely given up on trying to get subtitles working in the floating window.

My next issue is that on my android 4.4.4 devices, floating window mode does not function reliably. Basically with no error messages or anything, the floating window will randomly close, causing me to lose my position in the video.This requires me to go back into the main app and restart the video, and find the spot where it randomly closed.

With my android 6 smartphone, it works a bit better, with it only randomly closing if I mistakenly open a web page that contains .gifv content which it automatically plays, and crashes bsplayer (happens on all devices).

Is anyone else facing reliability issues when using the pop out/ hover player. (I like to browse the web using chrome while catching up on various shows, but it is very unstable for me.

Before moving to BSplayer, I used diceplayer, which offered subtitles in the hover player, and did not randomly close, and allowed seeking, but one day it randomly disappeared from the playstore, after the dev released a few updates that almost completely gutted the format support.
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