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I am not sure if I am in right thread but I am using BS Player on my android box to stream from LAN. Everything works fine except of mkv files with AC3 audio. Video works fine but there is no audio. I have tried all options of HW and SW decoding and no luck.

Wierd thing is I have installed BS Player on my Lenovo tablet so it is easier to do more testing and there is no issue at all on tablet same mkv files play with audio no problem. I have used same settings to check if there is an issue somwhere there but still android box throws some error mentioning AC3 that is shown on screen s fast I cannot fully read it and no audio.

Is there anything I can do? will this created custom codec help?
and how do I find out what GPU I have on my android box? --> "Double click the one that corresponds to the GPU type you need a custom codec for"

any help much appreciated.

PS. Sorry but I am noob and need simple anwsers or a bit of explanation on what I should do exactly. Thanks.
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