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Default Playing a DVD files structure with BSplayer Android

I am a new user of BS player. I use it to play streamed movies which are strored on a RAVPOWER filehub NAS over WIFI connection, and it works pretty well (except that thumbnails are created for the movie files themselves and not the folder container - too bad, or is there a mean to force the folder thumbnail to become the movie thumbnail copying somewhere the correct .jpg file ?).

The RAVPOWER contains all sort of movie format: avi, mp4, mkv and DVD copie ie complete DVD strutures like what is described here:
I can force reading the "video_ts" folder but the reader will read in sequence all VOB files, and will not propose to play directly the movie nor select the language. Worst, if I only keep in the folder the appropriate .VOB files and delete all ads & introduction clips .VOB files, if I select a language for the first .VOB, the language of the second .VOB will be reset to the default language when BSplayer transition from .VOB(n) to .VOB(n+1).

Question: is there a trick or a mean to play "cleanly" a DVD files structure ? is BSplayer pro allowing this feature ? if not, is there any plan for BSplayer for Android to incorporate it ? (or I will be obliged to re-encode all my DVD files movies for mkv or avi single file format...)

Thank you for any help on this topic.
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