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Unhappy Mkv file plays as audio file only!


I searched around for some help and I found similar cases, but just not exactly the same or the solutions didn't work so here I am!

So here is how the story goes~ I installed to my mom's Lenovo notebook with win10 bsplayer (2.71, Build 1081, Date: 10th May 2017) and downloaded the necessary codecs that were checked (ffdshow and haali splitter were not checked even if they weren't installed). I played the mkv file (with internal english subtitles) I wanted and it worked just fine, but I wanted greek subtitles. I downloaded and they showed as gibberish and noticed part of the menu couldn't be read either and so I changed system locale for unicode characters, restarted the pc and the menu was fine.

I tried played the mkv file and it suddenly said codecs were missing (although it played fine just the day before). I couldn't download and install ffdshow and haali through the codecmanager as I clicked and it did nothing, so I did it manually and tried the mkv file again, only to see that it played as an audio file, so there was no video at all. I didn't have any other kind of video to check if it happened to all extensions.

And so, this is my problem. I'm not sure what went wrong, I don't even understand how it played fine yesterday but today codecs were missing even though nothing was changed other than system locale. Is there anything I can try? I have already tried reinstalling and restarting.

Thank you in advance!

PS: I have bsplayer on my own laptop too and videos play fine without ffdshow or haali installed, so are there some other codecs I can try using on her laptop?
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