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Default BSPlayer v1.0 RC1 Bug Thread

bugs in red are fixed in 803 build

I thought it would be best to group all the bugs encountered in one thread. THIS IS NOT A FEATURE REQUEST THREAD; so any missing features you want implemented, put in appropriate forum.

A word of warning, I'm using windows98se (all patched up/latest-version'd/tweaked tho) and some of these bugs may have something to do with it. I would like it if someone with windowsxp or windows2000 who has tested it and doesn't encounter a particular bug to speak up and let me know about it.

Performance issues have nothing to do with my hardware as I have an AthlonXP 2800+, 512mb ram PC3200, Radeon 9600Pro, and play my video files from hard disk, without any background programs running.

After some use, I encountered the following:
* Performance has degraded in this sense: moving the video window during playback goes very slow (the window jump around on the screen, it doesn't follow the mouse pointer smoothly as it did in Actually, ALL windows you move around during video playback show this behaviour. When the file playback is stopped, moving around speed returns to normal. I haven't tried other overlay modes yet either (only used default). ONLY OCCURS ON WIN9X
* The bsz/bsi/bsl extensions aren't properly registered with bsplayer, it shows the default windows icon and if double-clicked:
1) WHEN THE PLAYER IS ALREADY OPEN: it says "Can't open file".
2) WHEN THE PLAYER ISN'T OPEN: behaviour is as it should be, with a exceptions.

--> The playlist new features (fullscreen, aspect radio, etc.) don't get applied on the first file in the playlist. Only way I could get it to apply is by double clicking it in the playlist, but not by trying next track, previous track. On succeeding playlist entries it works.
--> The new playlist features don't get saved/used in text mode, only in internal mode (could be by design).
--> If the bsi/bsl files are empty, it shows an unhandled exception dialog, but it isn't fatal, the player stays open. If the bsz file is empty, the player buttons become unusable. Also, the empty bsz file gets copied to the skins folder even though it's unusable, maybe a check should be in place (see skins section for more on this).
--> I haven't tested bsi support thorougly yet, they are on my cd's.
* Subtitles in OGM files aren't supported yet? Subtitle playback seems generally improved A LOT tho. BUT BROKEN
* Forward jump in OGM files is now correct (10 seconds) but backward jump still doesn't work.

* The default skin has a type error: Incrase instead of Increase Font.
* Older skin (only have one: HiQ) that worked fine with 0.86.501 get a message "skin not supported". This could be by design but behaviour is very problematic: the player looks like this and the error "skin not supported" keeps showing up till you delete all the contents from the skin in the skin folder (it automatically copies these contents to the folder even if it's not supported). Also, a lot of unhandled exceptions. I also don't understand why it keeps checking if all skins in skins folder are supported even if you use another skin.

* Changing the file icon in General -> Filetypes doesn't work. The exe also includes only one icon, the default, and not the other ones available in the preferences.
* In the options window, the help bar that shows up when you go over an option is extremely annoying: it shows up too fast and doesn't disappear immediatly when you move away from the option, this way it obscures other options etc.
* Equalizer isn't implemented yet, but you prolly know that already. The audio output device doesn't get saved yet either.
* Subtitles: the preview window doesn't get updated every time you change something in the preferences, only occasionally (outline font, antialiasing etc.)

Even after all these things, I still think you (bst) are going very much in the right direction. I like what you did with the playlists (even though the feature is still somewhat broke) I like the new menu/preferences layouts and the new features & Advanced filters dialog. To put it bluntly, the player is a lot more consistent then earlier. The xml file for preferences was a real good idea too. Lastly, The filters menu item is a bit too much hidden, maybe put it under subtitles in the main menu, instead of the submenu "options"? And remove the icon in front of subtitles while you're at it, in the name of uniformity :-) (nitpicking I know). I'll prolly revert back to 0.86.501 for the time being but I'll sure keep an eye on and test any upcoming releases.
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