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Default Privacy: exclude folder from being indexed in "Recently viewed"

Sorry, I realize that there is a Feature Request section, I am not sure if it applies to the Android version, so I also posted in Android.

I just tried BS Player for Android and is exactly what I was looking for.

One thing annoys me, I have several folders on my LAN. One of them contains a little bit "sensitive" videos, that I would not want my partner to stumble upon for privacy purpose ...

Current behavior: whenever I play a video from this folder it gets added to the "Most watched" "Recently watched" and "All files" sections of the explorer. Not good for privacy, as my partner and myself share the same Android tablet.

Wished behavior: that I exclude this folder from being indexed. I still want to be able to watch videos from the folder, but would like that BS Player forgets that I watched this video, and does not add the video to "Most watched" "Recently watched" and "All files" sections of the explorer.

The current workaround is to then manually remove the video from the "Most watched" "Recently watched" sections and to empty the "All files" section, but it is not convenient, and I can forget to do it.
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