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Default Good Job 1.00 RC1

I must say BSplayer will soon to become my default media player again! (Right after it fix some annoying bugs and remove the associations hijacking\kidnapping features) What a great job you have done on this great player. Finally, I can watch my subtitle with direct vobsub and ffdshow filter (xvid) without any problem at all. Thanks! I must admit that after I find out BSplayer cannot display direct vobsub subtiitle under VMR9, I have switched to use Zoomplayer Pro instead. And I must say, though I can hardly notice the difference in image quality when watching on the monitor, Zoomplayer used to have a slightly better detail and play more smoothly when watched on the TV, which I think is because ZP has better VMR9 support or ffdshow filter support. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!! Now after I installed the RC1, BSplayer is clearly got a better and sharper image than Zoomplayer 99% of the time! I don't know how you did it and I always thought all divx player using VMR9 will have a similar IQ, but NOW I know I was WRONG! Thanks for your great work here and PLEASE keep up the good work.
However, Please also remove the hijacking feature, because if that didn't work well with Real ONE player, I don't think it is going to work well with your software. Moreover, Bsplayer is still too unstable to be a default media player in my humble opinion. It still crashed on me when I play some other media files (audio), and after a few crashes, I find out that I got no audio with my avi movies. And I have to delete the directory and unzip it again and the problem finally go away. Thanks for your GREAT PLAYER!!!
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