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Old 14th November 2003
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Default Dude, where is my favourite player?

First to say I really apreciate the work of the bsplayer team. They brought us the best player ever for many years.
Unfortunatelly, that situation changes, bsplayer now is a player like the other ones. Everything that make bsplayer diferent now is missing out.

The internal render engine for the OGG subtitles doesn´t work (that was a HUGE difference)
More resources
ini files forgot
big and useless skins
more things other people said and i´m not going to repeat

This remembers me the change from winamp 2.x to 3.x, or Windows media player 6.4 to 7

At least we have the 501 version.

BSplayer developers, I understand that you work for free and try to do the best for the community, critics are not always welcome, but i´m sure that you prefer an honest opinion. also I´m not the only one that thinks like this:
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