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Well, for RC1 this is not as bad thing, as it sounds. I dont encounter on W2k any performance issues, but i incounter the fact, that since v1 it dont using any other that default sound output device, 5+1 output dont work anymore.
This alone makes the player useless.
However this is the only one bug i hit - some glitches from 0.86 seems fixed, like that playback is killed when one do fullscreen switch AND have defined resolution change...

Okay, there is a small glitch that force subtitles to be drawn into movie, and i want them at the botton of screen into fullscreen mode, as before. This i can't change anymore...

So, frankly spoken, if i can use 5+1 audio (if v1 start remembering/using the output device i NEED to select to AX filter begin working) and the subtitles are fixed, then except the fact, that someone have to rework windvdplus2.bsz skin for me to be usable into v1 - im happy with it.
Until this i have to fight with so many bugs of the latest 0.86 ....
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