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Originally Posted by AMPP View Post
Sorting videos on SMB works now, but you have to change it every single time you open the app. It would be better if it worked like it did in the old version and stayed put for the sort order after you set it.

Thanks for fixing the sort on SMB on the new version so it remembers it now. I also like the new compact grid view.

I'm really starting to like the new version now more than the old version, thanks for your hard work!

I do have a feature request, not sure if it's possible or not. Would you be able to develop in the ability to pan after you zoom in? Maybe while you are still holding two fingers on the screen as you pinch to zoom, you move those up/down left/right to pan the zoomed in video? Right now it seems you can only zoom in to the fixed point on the center of the video. MX Player used to be able to do it, although they may have removed that feature. MX Player doesn't seem to be able to do SMB though, that's really what sets your video player apart from the rest.
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