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Default Here is the final fix !

Hi, version 2.75 and did not have any fixed on this problem, but here is the workaround to fix this for ever.

PC specs:
I7 4790K overclocked
GTX 1060 6GB OC version
16 GB DDR3
SSD Samsung 860 pro, 512 GB
TV/Monitor 4K 60 FPS, watch all the time 1080p or 2160p

is not a low end platform and have this problem since 2013 and every bsplayer update still keep this unfixed.

My problems:
1. When bsplayer is opened in background, windows is very slow, chrome is lagging, mouse cursor is lagging, open file is slow, and everything is slow.
2. After a period of time video that i watch is freezing, and crash, and critical error sound is played neverending, and taskmanager is lagging very hard and have bugged display menu.
3. Fast forwarding video or pause it will make bsplayer to crash early. This happen with all kind of video, from 200 mb to 50 gb, mp4, mkv, dose not matter, all was the same for me.

How did i fix it:?See this image:

Wait for vertical blank and Try not to drop frame need to be unchecked, this fix most of problems in video and avoid crashes.
disable Seek for kayframes sems to have a good impact for video performance overall. And set bsplayer to run on Low process priority will avoid making an impact in windows performance.

I test this fix with many video, and many hour of working well, and also with video of 80 Gb and 2160p, with no downside or video problem.

Please make all 4 changes to be sure everything work smoth as is working on me right now. I wait for your feedback.
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