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Default BS Almost Perfect

I just installed BS1 RC1. I liked it way better than .80! (Which I honestly wasn't fond of.) If there were just two tiny improvements it would replace CorePlayer as my favorite.
  1. When the video is set to "always start in full screen mode" it has odd behavior when pausing. When I press the hotkey to pause the video it will pause, but when I press it again, it enters window mode. As I press the hotkey to pause and unpause the screen will enter and leave full screen mode. This doesn't happen when "always start in full screen mode" is unchecked, but I want to start in full screen mode. Please make it work properly.
  2. Seek bar issue. When in full screen mode I want a seek bar that stretches across the entire bottom of the screen. This is essential for being able accurately skip opening credits. Small seek bars make it hard to skip 1.5 minutes accurately. Every other player has one, why not BSPlayer?
If you can fix these two problems, then I'll make BSPlayer my player of choice because otherwise it does everything I want better than the competition. I simply don't want to give up the conveniences that I take for granted.
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