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Default a followup on audio bug

If I leave the audio option selected in the options dialog box selected and restart bsplayer I get this error or crash report.

BSPlayer v1.00.800, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004A6C74
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 004A6C74 in module 'bsplay.exe'. Read of address 00000000
, 0x004DFFFB, 0x004E01F9, 0x004534E7, 0x0044A832, 0x77D43A50, 0x77D43B1F, 0x77D45453, 0x77D454B4, 0x71973B55, 0x7198FFFB, 0x71992032, 0x7199378D, 0x77D43A50, 0x77D43B1F, 0x77D45B2C, 0x77D45F73, 0x00438367, 0x0046D880, 0x0044A832, 0x77D43A50, 0x77D43B1F, 0x77D45453, 0x77D45F55, 0x00423172, 0x004D162E, 0x00437E8F, 0x0044A832, 0x77D43A50, 0x77D43B1F, 0x77D43D79, 0x77D44374, 0x004E0BC4, 0x77E814C7

I go back in, unselect or un-highlight the audio section, it will start up without an error.

So I am guessing that bsplayer does not like something about my audio. I still cant get any audio to play. Zoomplayer pretty much uses the same things bsplayer does, and it works just fine.

One more thing, the .sam file in the bsplayer directory, is it suppose to have all sections marked with a semi-quote ; . all items are ; out. except section headers.

anyone know about how to use this file and is it the problem with the sound, because from my point of viewm it has all filters quoted out.

will follow-up

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