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Default Videos at wrong aspect ratio?

Hi all,
I found BSPlayer today after a search for a player that had the equivalent of "commercial skip" - hooray for the customizable "jump" feature!!

My problem is this: when I play a video (various files, both mpeg and wmv) I get a strange section to the right of the video that is sometimes black, sometimes green, and at the bottom of that section is a blurred picture - of like a mountain scene or something...very strange. I tried taking a screenshot but the video didn't show up well in it... It almost looks like it is trying to fit a 4x3 picture into a 16x9 view but instead fills the unused space on the right with junk. These videos play fine in other players. Any ideas? Do I have a codec issue? A missed preference checkbox somewhere? Do I need to provide more details? My system is listed below if that would be useful. I can try other ways to take a screenshot, if necessary.

If this is listed somewhere, I apologize. I did some searching, but couldn't find a similar problem...

P4 3.2ghz, 800mhz FSB
512mb PC3200 DDR
60gb + 120gb HD's
eVga GeForce4 Ti 4600 (53.03 drivers)
Windows XP

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