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SergeNL 29th March 2012 12:44 PM

8. Creating a complete New Skin.
8. Creating a complete New Skin.

It is not hard at all to create a new Skin in Skinmaker, once you know how to edit a Skin.
You have to find a main image and button files. See point 6.
And you must have some basic knowledge of Windows Explorer to copy and rename files.

Go to the Skins-folder, usually here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Webteh\BSplayer (Pro)\Skins.
In the Skins-folder create a new subfolder (=Skin name). Copy all your images to that folder.

In Skinmaker: Menu bar > File > New Skin. Click OK at the “attention” message.
Browse to the folder with your images. Skinmaker will automatically make a Skin.ini there.

In Skinmaker, go through all options, starting at the top-left, ending at the bottom-right.
Just follow the same descriptions as under: “5. Create-Edit a Skin in Skinmaker.”:
- Add Main.bmp. Select Any Shape or not.
- Add Buttons. Select Normal/AnyShape/Transparent. Assign Button-Actions, and Texts.
- Add Text-Objects, and edit font type and colours..
- Add Time Line and Volume Slider. (there are many options for them.)
- Perhaps edit the colours of the right-click Menu.
Done. :-)

You can also design a Full Screen Panel. (If not, the Base-Skin FS-Panel will be used.)

To design: Extended Panels / Media Library / Equaliser / Playlist: switch to manual design.
I may write manuals for that. See the Skin-Forum.
All manuals may become available as a (printable) download on the BS.Player website.

SergeNL 29th March 2012 12:47 PM

9. More Info.
9. More Info.

Skinmaker had an older topic, Here in the Skin-Forum. (Almost empty. Last post in 2008)
It ends with “the page has been moved”. But the new location does not exist (anymore).

Tizio included a fine “BSP SkinMaker v1.06 Guide” in the Skinmaker download.
I included all useful info of it in this new manual.
Tizio’s manual isn’t bad. But as I newbie I often got stuck, wanted more, and rewrote it.

Tizio also made a “BSP Definitions Manager” for Keyboard control of BS.Player. (2004, old.)
The forum-topic about is Here. The last post about it was in 2006.
The download is at the bottom of the first post.

Almost ancient is Kordo’s manual that the BSP-website still refers to,
about creating buttons in paint. Very useful then, but not really “state of the art” now.. :-)

Skinmaker Forum.
Skin-Forum There is a comments topic for Skinmaker Here. (3 pages, last post October 2010.)
Everything useful in it until today (28 march 2012) is included in the above.
I wrote more manuals for Skin making. See the Sticky Topics in the Skin Forum.

Thanks to..
* The BS.Player Team for creating, improving, and spreading BS.Player.
* Tiziano for Skinmaker, paving the way for many good Skins..
* Adicoto, BSPeter, and ICO-Man for keeping the BSP-Forum alive..

You can buy BS.Player PRO for These Extra Features.
And there also is BS.Player Free for Android.

Greeting, Good Luck, wishing you a lot of discovery fun,

Serge van Erkelens.

(Just a happy BS.Player user, not in any way connected to the BSP-team.)

Ico-man 17th April 2012 09:18 AM

Thank you for a great contribution! A link to this manual was added to the Wiki. Also limit for jpg files was raised.

Dejair 29th July 2012 03:10 AM

Resized skin problem

I resized skin from 1280x1024 to 1920x1080, all work ok, but
tracking slider and volume slider don't go until end of bar, it go only until old position of 1280x1024 skin.
I don't know how to correct this and ask for some help here.

Thank You

spadanco 20th August 2017 01:49 PM

Posts were awesome

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