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adicoto 6th September 2010 02:50 PM

Subtitles with language suffix doesn't work ?
I have an AVI file inside a folder, together with the subtitle files:

Forest Gump [1994] DVDRip - N!CK.avi
Forest Gump [1994] DVDRip - N!
Forest Gump [1994] DVDRip - N!

Even if in subtitle preferencies, ROM is selected as primary, when opening the video file, the english subtitle is loaded by default.
On the other hand, if I try to select preferences in subtitles language, if I select from the list RUM (Romanian) when closed I get ROM (romany).

adicoto 5th October 2010 08:21 PM

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Problem 2 seemd to be fixed by deleting all languages in subtitle preferences.
Problem 1 still remains and it's reflected also in the fact that, when download online subtitles window pops up, just english subtitles are checked by default. And also...what's albanian have to do with romanian or english ?

BSPeter 5th October 2010 10:15 PM

Weird. For me only subs in the FIRST preferred language are auto-checked! (Pro 2.57.1044beta - 201010011004)

That's exactly how I would expect it to work!
So why it acts differently for you :confused::confused::confused:

Adding languages is no problem, but it so seems that in order to change the first default/preferred language, one indeed has (as mentioned by adicoto) to first empty the list and then re-build it. (Otherwise the old/previous language will simply re-appear.) This seems an unintended feature or - in other words - simply a bug :bug: to me! (Good that a work-around is already available!)

adicoto 6th October 2010 04:38 PM

I see you also like albanian subtitles :bug:

BSPeter 7th October 2010 12:31 AM

(:happyroll: Only if they aren't auto-selected! :happyroll:)

Ico-man 7th October 2010 02:35 PM

beta language bugs
Display of albanian results in this screenshot is a bug, fixed and will be in next beta, also re-appearing of languages in the list.

Only the first preffered language will be auto selected. If there is no subtitle available for the 1st language, second langage results will be checked.

BSPeter 9th October 2010 01:43 AM

Pro 2.57 build 1045beta (201010081513):
OK, Albanian has vanished; instead now two subs "Finnish" and "Croatian" are shown from
(P.S.: The re-appearing of languages in the list appears to be fixed)

adicoto 9th October 2010 12:24 PM

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1. Maybe something is wrong in BSPlayer's install command. As I found again romany as default language (any chance of a command line like /ROM instead of /RUM (RON)
2. As a result see the attached picture

Latest beta build, downladed minutes ago.

LE: most of the subtitles found on brazilian site are fakes (at least what I have downloaded). Different languages, different movie, nothing in common with the filename.

adicoto 10th November 2010 09:57 PM

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What does Hulk, the last airbender, carriers, the beast episode X season Y have to do with Predators ?
I was just looking for Imagine's R5

Ico-man 12th November 2010 11:29 AM

Posted to providers threads:

Hopefuly, this service will be improved in the future.

opensubtitles 21st November 2010 10:23 PM

please send me moviehash of predators (just go to and use applet search, and then post url), so I can check, which useragent is sending this mess.


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