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Bishep 22nd November 2002 02:52 AM

Overlay Bug in BSPlayer 0.85.492
I use ffdshow filter to play divx5 movies, because divx decoder filter has at least 2 mistakes. At first, frames in high motion scenes may be dropped (when bitrate is about 2-3Mbit), but i have enough processor to play them. The second mistake i can see in "ogm" files. When i mux avi file to ogm i get about 20-40 ugly frames during the movie. It's annoing, because these bad frames repeats every 3-6 minutes. ffdshow filter is better, it doesn't have these mistakes.

When I play movie using ffdshow filter I get in PSplayer green lines at the left side of the picture. So in bsplayer 490 I changed overlay mode from 1 to the mode 2 and these green lines dissapeared. The problem is that in BSPlayer 492 this mode fails. :(

Raymongo 22nd November 2002 06:09 PM

The same goes for me. In the new version i cannot run in mode 2. So i also see those green lines. i hope you can fix this BST.

B.T.W. Thnx for comming back :wink:

bluedan 23rd November 2002 09:25 PM

What is the difference between mode 1 and 2 anyhow, except that you cannot do screenshots in mode 2??

bluedan 25th November 2002 06:57 PM

Xvid and DivX video (in AVI or OGM container, it's all the same) fail to playback correctly.
Different problems on different machines: video picture is upside down,
overlay creation fails direct draw surface cannot be created...

Will check if this is not my fault with some screwed codec later...

Quietseb 25th November 2002 11:05 PM

video upside down is a common problem when several filters interact (could not say how).
e.g. divxg400 + directVobSub or divx5 decoder filter + directVobSub when some color settings are given (both on YUV output or something like that)
sometimes it's quite tricky to find a configuration that allows you to play all your different kinds of videos the right way ;)

btw it makes me think that the difference between overlay modes could be the output color type [e.g. YV12 in mode 1 and RGB32 in mode 2, (I just put "names" randomly here, taken from DirectVobSub color configuration].
that's just an idea I've come with, not a statement ;) I don't know much about these things.

bluedan 26th November 2002 02:59 AM

Results: as expected - and you, Quiteseb, have stated it, too - it was an interfrence with RealOne player. Indeed I don't know how, because it was set only to play .rm files, nothing else...
Deinstalling it solved my problems....

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