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florin_bs 31st March 2008 05:13 PM

Support for extended mouse control
I am, as probably many more out there, watching movies from my bed and I use a wireless mouse as a remote control. The problem is that when I'm moving in the bed, the mouse moves as well and the arrow appears on the screen :roll: .
So I think it would be great if I could enter some kind of "mouse control mode" by some combination (fast right click + left click) and the arrow would not appear anymore on the screen. In this "mouse control mode" it would also be nice if I could have more control over the playback (wheel up - volume up, left click + wheel up - play backward ...and so on)
...I also have two additional buttons on my mouse (back, forward) - it would be nice if I could configure to use those as well (maybe in combination with other buttons)
...maybe I could also use the tilt function of the wheel (left, right)

...maybe this could be a plugin or something

what do you think? :shock: :?:

BSPeter 31st March 2008 11:49 PM

Already previously requested:
As a workaround you could probably hide mouse pointer at (e.g.) top-right or bottom-left of the screen (and then let the mouse rest on its back?).
Did you already try to (re)define your mouse-buttons/wheel:
rightclick > Options > Preferences > Key definitions & WinLIRC?
Select function, then place pointer in either of the two boxes at north east and then press mousebutton/wheel.
If the definition is already in use, BS.Player will tell you in the south-east corner.
(Note you have to define separately for full screen and for windowed mode).

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