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Aurora 3rd September 2011 12:23 AM

Bs player mp3 album Art Cover ??
bs player does not show album cover art of mp3 musics

in other players, most do show album cover, which is nice :)


Aurora 3rd September 2011 01:40 AM

any help guys ?

BSPeter 3rd September 2011 12:20 PM

Sofar you still didn't mention BS.Player version/build you're using.
Anyhow, I suppose you're using BS.Player Media Library (Audio) for your mp3-files?
When you select (highlight) a file the front cover is displayed at bottom left (BS.Info)
You can check if and which art-files are included in an mp3 (or even add art yourself) as follows:
select file > rightclick > properties > Artwork
There you can select and view (or edit) the following artwork:
Other, File Icon, Other File Icon, Front Cover, Back Cover, LeafletPage, Media, LeadArtist, Artist, Conductor, Band, Composer, Lyricist, Recording Location, During Recording, During Performance, Movie/Video Screen Capture, Coloured Fish, Illustration, Band Logo, Publisher Logo.

Aurora 3rd September 2011 11:18 PM

Thank you for your answer!!
im using latest bs player. simplle

i want to open a mp3 song and see the album art. like i see in media player or other players...

( when the mp3 has it, or the folder )

i did not understand what you said. could you tell me in simple terms.

i say simple because in windows media player or any other, u just click the song, it displays the album cover. its nice. many players do so. i expected bs player as good as it is, cuz i am hooked to it now.

- thank you for your support. im loving bs player.♥

BSPeter 8th October 2011 11:38 AM

The Album Art (Front cover) will only be shown when (in Media Library) you select "Audio" (as "BS.Media") and then click on (+) Add (...) and add the files(/folders/drives) you want.
If you then select a title the Album-cover will be shown under BS.Info.
I think maybe you've been playing (in BS.Player Media Library) from a BS.Playlist (e.g. "Current Playlist"). Then the Album Art isn't shown. I will create a feature request if it is possible to show the Album Art then too.

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