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mimo55 16th August 2012 12:53 AM

Slow video = Audio distorted
Let do not know how to solve this problem that does not appear in the forum in English of the BSPlayer either. When I diminish the speed of the video the voice is distorted. In the software ' VLCMediaPlayer ' I have no disadvantages because I go to the bar of tasks, I choose ' Reproduction ', then ' Speed ', press the ' slower ' button and sloe both the video and the subtitles and the voice listens perfect only that slower. This is my target: That there to be able to make adjust audio and video to understand the movies with audio in English and subtitles in the same language (or audio in French and subtitled in French, etc.). I wait for his help. Thank you and greetings.
PD: It is a little problem because there looks like the nice BSPlayer to me that it is very good and I was near of buying the version; but with this disturb it does not serve me.

adicoto 16th August 2012 04:56 AM

As far as I know, at this moment BSPlayer can't do that by itself, but maybe this will help:

mimo55 16th August 2012 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto (Beitrag 59111)
As far as I know, at this moment BSPlayer can't do that by itself, but maybe this will help:

Thanks but don't work. Best regards.

BSPeter 16th August 2012 09:01 PM

I just tested with the "Fourier Pitch/Tempo Control" Winamp DSP plugin and it does work!!
If you installed the plugin correctly, rightclick on the control panel to get BS.Player's context menu.
If you then select "Audio" the "Fourier Pitch/Tempo Control"-option should be shown under "DSP-Plugin".
Please do take note that a media-file must be loaded, otherwise this option will be "greyed out"!
Select the plugin by clicking on it so that its window pops up where you can change settings by moving the slider.
For 1/2-speed playback I selected 185% and sound was quite normal.
I don't know what playback-speed you selected, but you can try playing with the sliders settings.

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