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Old 12th December 2004
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Default I dream a day when BSPLAYER will hit us with support for DVD

Firstly, thank you for bsplayer, its the best video player available today on the Internet. In correlation with ffdshow its mind blowing as I wrote down on doom9 forum. For Mpeg4 its absolutely top of the top, only fool could use some other player. I will paste down below my letter to Milan Cutka (creator of ffdshow), because I think its high time for full DVD support in FFDSHOW and BSPLAYER, its year 2005 almost and we are without true support for DVD.
We are desperate, I don't want to use any other player beside Bsplayer and any other shity codec beside ffdshow. I am sick of all other players beside Bsplayer, I am little angry because of PRO commercial version I understand quite well why you did commercial, but I am angry.
From the beginning of the bsplayer I ruminated about some kind of Buffer in Bsplayer and now when its available I cant use it, or see it in effect. Candies things are out of reach always and its, LIFE.
Question to WebTech and Bsplayer group, could we expect DVD support soon and could you work with Milan in better correlation between Bsplayer and ffdshow especially in DVD support, thank you.

Here is copy from, letter to Milan Cutka:

I dream a day when FFDSHOW will hit us with support for DVD...

We shouldn't argue, FFDSHOW is "the BEST" global codec in our galaxy, Divx, Div3, Xvid, ASF, all sorts of mpeg4, I even recently dropped out from AC3 filter 1.01 and I dropped out even standard MP3 codec in favor to integrated sound filter from ffdshow and I was amazed, what you can configure, I even don't need dsp plug-in like enhancer anymore, because, I can do miracles with the audio configuration, its mind blowing, thank you Milan Cutka for this pleasure, you gave to me and community.
In correlation with BSplayer it can’t be better, just it can’t, for Mpeg4.

Only thing we could need, more than water, is support for DVD, is there any chance you could integrate some DVD mpeg2 and HDTV mpeg2 support into ffdshow for good.
Yeah I know, some one will say, use some external codec like Ligos, windvd or even shity Nero video decoder, or use some shity video player like windvd, powerdvd or good and stable media player classic which isn't so good with DVD support but it has support.
Is there any chance in near future Milan, I dream a day when we could manipulate with picture like we can manipulate with it today in ffdshow with any mpeg4.

I would count some parts from diver’s types of DVD players; I should begin with WinDVD 6:

Good: Video effects such as sharpness and film effector can make your DVD even better, especially reencoded ones, there is solid video overlay, its compatible with 95% of DVD movies(reencoded ones especially), there is true pal speed option for sooth action video representation, there is some advance audio configuration support like equalizer (there is lots of distortions using it), spatializer (you can boost sound volume but with extreme distortions), there is old dsp WOW plug-in (still its unusable, it was unusable even in winamp time), you can use wave or direct sound table (you can solve lots of problems with swapping one with another) and few more good parts.
Lows: Its to big and resources hungry, its to buggy, there is problems with skipping time if you play DVD from mounted Image device or even from DVD, their codec has constant fighting’s with other codec's from system, their DVD codec is good visually and its one of the best, but there is to much bugs with mass of things, but most annoying is jump and skip to some part of the movie, there is no true support from manufacture they are to LAME and there are no pros involving with WinDVD, like some one inventing some good plug-in, tweaks or...
WinDVD has problematic audio configuration, like if you want one effect you can’t use other, or if you want to use direct sound table you can’t use any audio effect and so... there is over 70 bugs and lack of functionality in WinDVD.

Power DVD is solid in picture quality, but there is no advance configuration for Video, there is no effects like sharpness, film effect or similar, color representation is low with some parts of low Color graduation, audio and audio configuration is terrible, its not the part of 21 century its like its part of nineties or end of nineties. There is no solid audio booster and volume maximum is miserable. Using PowrDVD codec as external codec isnt so adviceble.

Ligos mpeg2 codec as external codec, isnt so good, it has raster in video and high volume of undecriped mpeg2 in picture, its not so compatible there is problem with synchronization and so... Its not worth to waste any more time on Ligos its bad and old.

Nero Video decoder as external codec, has sympathic picture quality, it has potential configuration ability, like Deblock Luma h, deblock chroma H , Deblock Luma V, deblock chroma V, Please smooth Luma, Please smooth Chroma, Dering Luma, Dering Chroma, there is Video controls option which has state like Hardware-dependant with sharpness sliding bar but there is one little problem, you cant use it any of the advance video control and who knows WHY if any one knows please tell, maybe its only mentioned for Mpeg4, but who need it for mpeg4..

You see Milan, I and all of us are desperate for good mpeg2 support in FFDSHOW.

I would appreciate any comment from all members out there.
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Old 8th January 2005
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DVD support in BSPlayer would really be great! One media player for all movies...
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day, dream, hit, support

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