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killerss 16th February 2006 10:45 AM

BsPlayer File Association Issue on All Versions
First excuse me for my bad english.
On to the problem
I've tried and installed different versions of BsPlayer on my Home PC. Pro and non-Pro, but when I choose in BsPlayer preferences that Avi and other video files to be opened with bsplayer, and I click on such a file the Following Messages Appears
Either "Unknown File Format","Filename is not a Valid Win32 Application","Error Executing Program".
I tried to make file associated with the player the windows way, right clicking selectin choose program, but when I choose BsPlayer.exe, nothing happens. Strangely that a Program called Progam appears in the list.
Choosing BsPlay.exe (not BsPlayer.exe) from the same directory starts the video file, and the file becomes associated with this program file.
Any suggestions how to fix that problem of mine?

J7N 23rd February 2006 04:21 PM

You can always associate files with programs the other Windows way: using Windows registry! That's the only method I ever use.

Here is an example of associating *.vob extension to be opened with either BSPlayer, VideoLAN or Windows Media, and displaying a custom icon "video_mg.ico". The paths will be different on your system, of course.



;; the extension to associate
;; file type, shortly describing the contents

;; custom type string, not mandatory
@="Motion Pictures Experts Group video"

;; icon to use

;; default application

;; name which will appear when right clicking on VOBs
@="• BSPlayer"

;; the path to bsplayer executable
@="d:\\apps\\bsplayer\\bsplayer.exe \"%L\""

@="• Windows Media"

@="mplayer2.exe \"%L\""

@="• VideoLAN Client"

@="d:\\apps\\vlc\\vlc.exe \"%L\""

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