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ocnos 13th June 2007 09:37 AM

cpu 99% divx multiple audio tracks

I have a problem only with BSPlayer. When playing dual films (divx shows the notification window saying "this file has multiple audio tracks") BSPLayer crashes when trying to close. The computer hangs, CPU usage turns to 99%, and it's difficult to kill the process.

I have tried different BSPlayer versions (currently 2.21.950) and this problem doesn't happen with VLC or DivXPlayer. I have tried disabling every software (antivirus, antyspyware) and uninstalling all audio codecs, but the problem remains. I think new divx version 6.6 could be involved, as this didn't happen before.

Please help!

BSPeter 13th June 2007 06:57 PM

Could you try if rolling back to e.g. DivX5.2.1 solves your problem?
(There is a link in the second paragraph of item (4) of my Help2Help-post.)

ocnos 16th June 2007 12:41 AM

in fact, downgrading to 5.2 version of divx solves the problem.

question is, shouldn't be this problem addessed as a BSPlayer bug? I find it annoying having to choose between moving to zoomplayer or using BSPlayer but getting stuck in divx 5.2 version.


BSPeter 16th June 2007 10:29 AM

As a BS.Player-user I don't know what the added advantage is of using Div6.x decoder as opposed to trusted DivX5.2.1 decoder. For which added features are you actually using version 6.x?

Tizio 16th June 2007 11:38 AM

Added features are:
interactive menus, chapters, multiple subtitles and audio tracks

All of these features can be achieved with DivX 5 encoded movie and other files, one per type (exception made for menus) :wink:

BSPeter 16th June 2007 11:54 AM

As a BS.Player user, using DivX5.2.1 as a decoder (apart from some trials, I never upgraded; I didn't see the reason why and also ... if it ain't broke don't fix it.) I can also have multiple subtitles and audio streams. So what is the added value for me to use DivX6.x instead? E.g. what do these interactive menues have to offer me (and do they work with BS.Player)?

ocnos 16th June 2007 12:33 PM

Thanks Peter. Do you mean that Divx 6.6 doesn't improve the decoding quality, or the CPU usage? So I could stay with 5.2.1?

I am no expert in image and I get a little overwhelmed when trying to get the best quality. For example, FFDSHOW seemed to work worse that DivX, even setting the properties as explained in this tutorial [1]. I also don't know if XVid works better than DivX for XVid files, and if so, if I should change some XVid configuration (postprocessing, ...).

Do you have some sort of tutorial or advice for getting the best for BSPLayer?

Thanks again.


J7N 16th June 2007 03:30 PM

I have not read reports stating that libavcodec (ffdshow) would produce incompliant output when fed with MPEG-4 ASP (divx, xvid) video.

Post processing is a generic filter for any video which, when configured properly, might be able subjectively increase the perceived quality at a cost of CPU time. But if your videos don't have enough bitrate, then in fact no processing can recreate the lost information. Solid state memory has become cheap enough to store DVD quality video and not rely on these tricks. Ffdshow has lots of postprocessing options which can be tweaked to your liking, because it is made also as a video processor, not decoder.

I am using ffdshow myself and the only disadvantage I see is its large size, if you compare to less than 512 kB for a bare xvid decoder. The DivX 6 installation of course is much bigger. Ffdshow will perform faster than Xvid.

Most MPEG-4 files on the Internet have bitrate low enough, so that it is impossible to notice differences in the output of various decoders.

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