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Default A question before I update codec packs (K-lite pack & MP

Right now I'm using the newest Ace Mega Codec Pack. It's great and everything, but they rarely updated it as a whole. But the K-Lite codec pack is updated normally and works just as well. Except for ONE thing. I could never play MPEG-2 files with anything. I could download the seperate MPEG-2 decoder codec, but it's really annoying, and sometimes the codecs conflict when using K-lite pack.

So my question is, Does the newest version of K-lite codec pack play MPEG-2 (SVCD) with BSPlayer? I don't want to uninstall the Ace Mega pack if it doesn't, because I have all my setting set perfect for all of my codecs. If it does, I will go thru the trouble of switching packs.

Hope someone can help. :)
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