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OK I think I understand now and have meanwhile done some tests.
"Remember movie settings" apparently does indeed not remember horizontal and vertical re-positioning of the screen (as done in full screen mode using the 4/6/8/2-keys of the numeric keypad).
However pan&scan settings of a movie are remembered (at least for that particular movie)!!
(for pan&scan in full screen use [+] and/or [-] keys of numeric keypad.)

So unfortunately this does not entirely work as you wish it, i.e. "if I open one movie with resolution of 512x384 and then another one with the same resolution, I want the movie window to be the same size for the second movie as well." In this connection (and though I realize it neither is what you're looking for) I mention another somewhat related possibilty, which is a feature of playlist:
if you have a movie consisting of 2 parts (or even different movies but with the same resolution) and you want to watch these movies after each other:
  1. load the movies in playlist
  2. make sure the order in which you want to see them is correct
  3. move mousepointer to second movie and select by singleclick;
    then select (in the right hand column) "As previous" for both "Aspect" and "Pan-scan" (repeat this nr 3 for any further movie)
  4. select the first movie of the playlist and start it (e.g. by double-clicking on it)
  5. set your (first)movie as you like it (also in full screen by using 4/6/8/2/-keys of numeric keypad for horizontal and/or vertical repositioning)
  6. as soon as the first movie is finished the next movie from the file list will continue with the same settings.
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