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Originally Posted by Quietseb
If I read correctly, those 2 channels are those usually used for stereo... it's 1 audio streams with 2 channels, left and right.
yes, and no. Normally I would think the same. But look at the decoder options (under "filters" in BSPlayer). This time a full text:

audio MPEG 1 decoder

*sound quality:
bla bla bla not important

- first
- second
- both

*sound channels:
- stereo
- mono

*set as default

(all translated from polish)

so, it's not "channels left, right" but "one, two", also there is an option to choose stereo or mono.
The conclusion is: this is normal for VCD movies to have one stream and two channels with different audio. Or am I wrong? (don't know much about VCD movies)

Originally Posted by Quietseb
Hence bsplayer detection is normal
yeah, that's why I put it into request section.

Originally Posted by Quietseb
I suppose you only need to change the balance of your audio output, if it's quicker than change the decoder settings.

Originally Posted by Quietseb
=> if my reasoning is correct, your suggestion would be to add balance control to bsplayer

Also, when I use
- "both" - I hear in left speaker one language, in right other language
- "one" or "two" - one language goes to b o t h speakers, I don't know if "stereo/mono" option works, cause this movie don't have many situations where you could hear a difference :/
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