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Conclusion: bug in skin engine, which was introduced with build 807, has meanwhile been SOLVED!
Users of build 815+ which perhaps still observe that the left-hand border of skins looks somewhat peculiar (as if pixels are missing), could perhaps check/proceed to (possibly!) repair as follows:
  1. Make sure under folder-options that "known file-extensions" such as .zip are not hidden (so that you can actually see what you're doing);
  2. If applicable exit BSPlayer; then browse to BSPlayer's "skins" (sub)folder;
  3. Rightclick on skinfile (e.g. 'example.bsz');
  4. Select [Change name] and hit [->] button (arrow right);
  5. Replace "bsz" by "zip" (3x [Backspace] and type "zip") (if maybe asked to confirm, just click [OK]);
  6. Check if the compressed file (now e.g. '') contains a "rgn.dat" and perhaps also a "rgnfs.dat" file;
  7. If not ... end of exercise.. just undo the changes (= Go to 11.);
  8. If the dat-files are present; unzip the compressed file in an own folder (e.g. named 'anyName') within BSPlayer's "skins" folder and simply remove/delete the rgn(fs).dat-file(s) from that 'anyName'-folder;
  9. Start-up BSPlayer, rightclick and select "Options">"Skins" and select as skin the name of the subfolder you just created (e.g. 'anyName'); then play some seconds/minutes of a movie (also in full-screen, with full screen skin shown!) after which exit BSPlayer;
  10. Browse to your skin's folder (e.g. 'anyName') in which folder the files "rgn.dat" and "rgnfs.dat" will now have been (re)created; select all files in the folder and create a .zip file (do not compress the folder, but only the files it contains!); the name of the zipfile will be(come) the name of the skin;
  11. Rightclick on the .zip-file; select [Change name]; hit button [->] (arrow right) and replace "zip" by "bsz" (3x [Backspace] and type "bsz"); if asked to confirm, just click [OK];
  12. Finished
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