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Originally Posted by test
I find it extremely hard at this point to take anyone seriously who said they installed that version and could not correctly note that the equalizer was shifted all the way to the left. So yes, I just don't believe anything you say anymore BSPeter.
You're again jumping to conclusions and making allegations, apparently assuming you know it all. Well, you don't (and neither to I). But unlike you: I try not to "judge" people, whereas you've apparently some real trouble to stop doing just that continuously. Maybe place yourself before a mirror once! You're not really helping yourselves with your attitude (nor are you helping others).
Further, not that I need to explain and/or justify myself, but just for your information: I've been using BSPlayer for quite some years now and when a new version appears I simply install it over the old one, which leaves my previous settings untouched. This also means that in my case, my equalizer settings were as they should be (in the middle and not shifted to the left).
Originally Posted by In his first reaction Maceart
There's nothing wrong with the equalizer, and my system volume control is set correctly.
..... and having no troubles ourselves with the equalizer either, we (I) didn't further test that possibility. But as we didn't seem to be able to come up with something definite (either a solution or a confirmation of a bug), I couldn't but fall back on what was suggested before (even if it was earlier denied by Maceart as a possible cause).
Originally Posted by So that was the reason why I
...right now I don´t have a clue what could be causing it, other than the filter used (I´m not using ffdshow) or what Tizio earlier suggested, i.e. that the balance in BSPlayer´s own Equalizer (keycomb.: [Alt]/[G]) was (accidentally) fully shifted to the left.
Puzzled! :?
So, I'm really glad we've eventually found the error and we couldn't have done it without you two :)
But, I'm not really happy that it took so long and I'm certainly not glad with the way you're reacting (and I'm especially referring to you test) :(
I've some serious suggestions for you test (Yes, I'm telling you to take this seriously):
- don't judge and/or make unfounded allegations (you're not "all-knowing", just like me);
- try to think straight (without prejudice and with a clear and open mind);
- try to take answers more seriously.
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