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Originally Posted by adicoto
Just mounted one of my older HDD after some repairs (a contact) with 512 kB buffer, IIRC it's PIO4. Same file played from a 8 MB ATA 100 HDD works OK, but from this HDD, same effect, video hurry back to catch up with the sound. It's sure the transfer speed it's low. Maybe this could be an explanation. What HDD do you have and do you have ATA drivers installed correctly ? It's just an ideea.
Sure, i was suspectig.I have Seagate 40GB 7200RPM 2MB cache HDD. 2 GB is free totaly (total in 2 partitions). ATA drivers are correct, working OK(intel ich4)

It is 3 years old. Sometimes, i hear "contact" sounds irregularly and very rarely. It works in UDMA5(highest).

I run "Seatools" to check everythig about my drive, it was passed OK.
I contacted Seagate via mail, they said if the sounds are not exessive, the sounds are normal and there is no need to replace.

Adicoto, i suspect from my HDD but i haven't had any physical prolems, but how can i determine? The only bad rememberance is cleaning logical bad sectors on this drive and now there is no bad sectors.

How can i be sure that video playback problems is not because of HDD?

and how to test and know, there is no "head contact" or platter failure?

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