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Default Translation bugs

During translation I found bugs in 2.12.941
Things that cant be translated:
103=Open DVD... (Choose drive, OK, Cancel)

"Media Library" in Main Menu

//EQ [WID26]
//Load EQ
//Save EQ

"EQ enabled" in Equalizer

//Media library, preferences [WID40]
4=Play, 5=Enqueue, 7=Load entire section, 8=Only active item, 9=Optimize database

No "Podcast download folder"
No "..." on button

//Capture, preferences [WID41]
No "Audio" and "Video"

//Jump to time [WID2]
"1="Jump to:" is doubled as description in dialog window


Doubled key number:
112=Show Main Menu
112=Subtitles Action

//Preferences, Audio, winamp 2 DSP [WID15]
No title below 2="Enable advanced plugins support"

Space for 101="Enable advanced graph building" translation is too small

//Subtitle editor [WID30]
Space for 1=Start, 2=Stop, 5=Duration is too small

When in Main Menu items like: Menu, Title, Angle, Teletext, Capture settings, Audio streams, MPEG audio channels are active? How can i test them to know how to translate? Why DVD option (if these are) cant go to its own menu?

What is Zoom in (in full screen), 50=Zoom out (in full screen) and 122=A_Res9 for?
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