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I understand... and while I can appreciate the attempt... I would really like to see someone familiar with the code respond and provide a proper fix... whether through providing proper configuration instructions, or via a patch, or even by releasing a new build that finally resolves this problem which has plagued this product for a number of years now, judging from the abnormally high number of posts throughout the archive all complaining and reporting on this very same issue.

In addition to the apparent lack of support for a problem which was evident almost universally it appears, for some reason, the developers of the product seem to have removed some features which were previously available which had been 'suggested' as possible solutions in the archives. so even those are not available to anyone who downloads and installs the product and ends up with the same problem which so many people have reported consistently over the life of this product.

It appears that Quality Assurance testing has never been performed properly on the product prior to it's release, and even after its release, the developers have not provided adequate support... and judging by this current lack of response, apparently they can't be bothered.

This provides the answer to the question I originally had when I heard about the product and it's features regarding why it's never been written up in the various computer magazines that I've subscribed to over the years or on any of the download sites that I've frequented in the past. Of course, I may simply have missed it, if in fact the product had received that kind of exposure at all, sure... but my opinion at this time is that this is a not-ready-for-prime-time product which has not been developed, tested, and debugged properly, and it does not have the support necessary to ensure the kind of satisfactory user experience necessary to bring a product to the larger world wide marketplace.

There are also problems with the skins, if you haven't noticed. What I'm referring to is if you change the skins, you lose various features... such as the menu... leaving users without a means to 'open' the files they want to view. How does one include nicities like skins, limited as they are, and not notice they have disabled your product...? Do you see what I'm saying....?

So, what I'm looking for is a fix, which means a response from the developer/staff, documentation on configuration and use to be updated and included, skins to be fixed so as to include all the functionality of the original interface, and some kind of explanation as to why this problem has been reported all the way back to something like build 1.00 and has still not been addressed.

Thats all...
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