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For instance, it would have been much more helpful and seen as a kind gesture had you mentioned that only the "base" skin has a 'menu' tab which appears above the interface. No other skin has this tab, however, the tab is actually redundant, as 'right-clicking on any skins interface will bring up the same menu'... as I've just discovered.

This was not intuitive, as I had gotten used to using the 'menu' tab on the "Base" skin after a few days, and had expected all skins to include the same features and to operate in a similar manner.

As you can see, people do not post to cause you any personal grief, my friend, or to take away from the usefulness of the product. They post to find solutions, and so that information is made available to others who may experience the same difficulties and are seeking similar solutions. This is the reason for a forum itself, and if done properly, is very valuable to the people using and attempting to learn the product, as well as being an opportunity for the company to demonstrate it's supportiveness and willingness to provide care and support to it's customers. It also serves to provide feedback to the company for product improvement, and to demonstrate the companies honest desire to provide a quality product when solutions, and updates which address various fixes are announced.

This is really what customers are hoping to find when they come to a forum such as this. I hope this bit of explanation is helpful and will allow you to offer the kind of help and assistance that will reflect well on both you and the product as you attempt to assist others in the future.
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