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Default BS.Player 2.21.950 bugs re GUI/translation

Re: version 2.21 build 950
This is a summary of the bugs in BS.Player's GUI/translation:
Main window
__Still mentions BS.Player 2.20
__Edit: fixed for 2.22
Right-click menu
__Playback > Jump to file .... Translation is not working
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
__Also: each language change (also to the same language) adds another J to the menu-item
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
__Subtitles > subtitle editor not shown
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
__About F1 ..... Translation of "Registered to" ... (etc)
__Edit: fixed in 2.22, except "Icons created by" ... and "by" for each language in the rolling list
__(as well as "version" and "build" and the date at top).
__Also "Registered to..." should imho be centerred
Options > Preferences > ...
... General > File types
__Not working translations:
__"Select Video types",
__"Select Audio types" and
__"Assign icon to selected extensions"
__Edit: all fixed in 2.22
... Video > [OSD]
__window too narrow: right part of window cut off.
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
... Video > [OSD options]
__"Movie time/remaining time" actually shows "Movie time/movie length" (=total time)
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
... Video > [Video rendering] > "Rendering mode"
__No translation for "EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)"
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
... Keydefinitions & WinLIRC > ['Boss' button configuration]
__At the top: 'Boss' button configuration is written accross the borderline.
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
__No translations provided for keypresses which also have an own "name" in local languages
__(e.g. "Space") or mouseclicks (like "Mouse Right" "Wheel down"etc.)
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
... Media library
__Translation of "Optimize database" not working
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
... Skins
__No translations for "Main window alpha value" and "Video window alpha value"
__This doesn't seem the proper place for "Video window alpha value"; suggest to move to Video
__Edit: fixed in 2.22
__but "Main window alpha value" now also moved to "Video" (I would have left that under "Skins")
__Translations for Equalizer(*), Playlist new style, Media Library
__Edit: fixed in 2.22 but not entirely (see post for 2.22)

(*: for further info re Equalizer check out this thread)
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