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Thank you,BSPeter
I already contacted directly BS.Player Team and they told me they don't now anything concrete about this and I should ask WorldPay.Ok,WorldPay guy told me this is Webteh decision don't allow to purchase their product to users from my country.Very interesting story isn't it?
And only now I see this
I'm and my country in the blacklist.Very sweet :evil:
So why mr.Iztok from Webteh told me I would have to use another credit card if they don't accept cards issued in Israel at all???
And why to use so unfriendly service such as WorldPay?Without any alternative choices?
I never have had any problems like these with all other on-line systems:Shareit,element 5,regnow,PayPal etc.

BS.Player Team
Please allow me to buy BS.Player and allow to all other people from all countries purchase it.
I'm not a fraudster

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