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Well looking further in detail the problem we can see that it is a YUV output problem.
As You may know a computer screen work on the color space of:
Y:0-255 CbCr 1-255 against TV: Y:16-235 CbCr 16-240
convertion tout RGB: 0-0-0 and 15-0-15 (dark purple some red+blue)
Witch mean that we send to the TV an image with grayish black and grayish white. So if whe send the image to a TV we won't see the problem, but on a computer it's not the case.
So the problem is probably mainly in our video drivers/hardware system. after for the rest of technical detail it seems a bit complex.
This weekend if I have time I will try to test alternative configuration (VGA instead of DVI, single-head/dual-head, hardware overlay parameters etc...)
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