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Got the opportunity to test a few other things.
You where right about ffdshow alone (using libavcodec of ffmpg-mt).
But, since I use coreAVC and ffdshow in the same time (coreAVC decode, send to ffdshow, and ffdshow perform upscale and rgb32 conversion). (directvobsub has no effect)

What it mean is that it's no the link between bsplayer and coreAVC and therefore maybe coreAVC fault.
I also tried falling back in VGA, changing COLOR ICC profile, no change.

I also performed a massive modification of the video stream in ffdshow, removing any flag information (aspect ration/interlacing etc...) to be sure coreAVC don't say anything to bsplayer) but didn't worked

What’s left to test is changing software version (older CoreAVC, and bsplayer)

EDIT: Tested coreAVC 1.8.0, same problem (CoreAVC failed to work under 7)

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