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Option "Enable online subs" unchecked in Preferences (as well as both urls). BS.Player (1030) nevertheless persists in asking (pop-up window) if online subs should be searched. So it doesn't work as stated "(or alternatively if you uncheck option "Enable online subs" in Preferences)".

Be that as it is .... if the user has already willingly/deliberately chosen to NOT "Enable online subtitles" (and perhaps also has both url's deselected), such user surely shouldn't expect a screen like "No local subtitles found. Do you want to search for subtitles online? (Yes) (No)". The user's option to check a box in that window "Don't show this message again" doesn't undo the fact that such window shouldn't pop up in the first place (since the user has already clearly indicated his/her preference by not enabling online subs. So BS.Player annoys such user at least once)!.
I understand BS.Player team is proud of the feature that BS.Player can download and use online subtitles. I personally would have made it the default, but then the more logical option should have read to "Disable online subtitles" (as opposed to Enable ..).
However, if BS.Player team wishes to stick to the existing "procedure" (that way possibly annoying users at least once), then simply say so and don't give the impression that it will be changed, like when you wrote "Will be corrected in 1025" resp. "or alternatively if you uncheck option "Enable online subs" in Preferences".
This in order to enable us to also inform users accordingly on this forum (to the effect that it needn't be more than a one-time-only nuisance).
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