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Originally Posted by ssdevious View Post
....I installed that 2006 AAC (quick 2 secs. installation), but failed to find this one in the codec manager, neither is it loaded.....~tEh'Pâr4d0x
Please note BS.Player accompanying program codecmanager.exe only concerns and deals with BS.Player's preferred filters/codecs, so other codecs/filters like CoreAAC will not show up in it.
You should however be able to find CoreAAC using BS.Player's in-built function Filter management.
Please note codecmanager.exe and BS.Player's Filter management are two separate and different things, as also mentioned by me in this post:
Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
If BS.Player's accompanying program "codecmanager.exe" finds some of its preferred codecs/filters are already installed on your system, it will not also install them locally as BS.Player will then use the system's filters/codecs.
If you want to know which filters/codecs BS.Player is actually using for playback of any specific file, just load that file and then look under
(rightclick >) Options > Filters > Advanced
There you will be able to find the codecs/filters which are actually used by BS.Player for that specific file.
When you click on the small [+]-signs in front of the filters/codecs shown, further information (and access) to those filters becomes accessible.
(Note: do not forget to also click on "source", as that may reveal usefull info too).

Note: codecmanager.exe and BS.Player's "Filter management" (under rightclick > Options > Preferences > Filter management) are two separate things. The first is an auxiliary program to check if BS.Player's preferred codecs/filters are installed and up-to-date (and if not installed it will install 'internally' if permitted by you and/or if not up-to-date it will show you). The second one is BS.Player's in-built filtermanager, allowing you to e.g. change filter-priority or to blacklist certain (system's) filters for use by BS.Player (e.g. if that filter causes problems). When a filter is blacklisted by you in BS.Player's Filter management, BS.Player will - as a rule - automatically search and find another (combination) of splitter/filters/codecs to play the file.
So that's exactly why, when adicoto asked you
"2. Can you do one more test ? Uninstall all codecs installed by BSPlayer, except for Haali and AC3filter. Install CoreAVC and CoreAAC. Play an MKV and post here which filters are used to play the file" (later informing you to do that by going to BSPlayer's install folder and run codecmanager.exe. Check the filters you want to uninstall and hit "uninstall" button) he mentioned to run codecmanager.exe, whereas when he replied "You can blacklist microsoft's DTV-DVD going to filter management -> blacklist - > add" he referred to Filter management.
(Note I'm just adding this to make it - also for the benefit of other users, who may perhaps be confused - abundantly clear that it does concern two different and separate things.)

In your last post you mentioned that you're using (also) external .srt/.sub subtitles.
Did you - in that connection - check/select "[x] Disable embedded subtitles" under (rightclick>)Options>Preferences>Subtitles [Subtitle properties]?
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When posting always mention your computer's OS and the version and build number(!) of BS.Player as used by you,
as well as - if applicable and especially when encountering problems - the type(s) of the file(s) mentioned in your post.
Private messages/Visitor messages are NOT for seeking personal help with respect to BS.Player! Instead use the forums!
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