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Default Feature requests for subtitles

1.) BSPlayer does not provide a good way to quickly go back to the start of a video file. Even the <| button on the control window does absolutely nothing. After BSPlayer downloads subtitles I always want to go back to the beginning of the video to find out what I missed while downloading the subtitles. I always end up having to close BSPlayer and reopen it merely to get to the beginning of the video clip. If the progress bar was the full width of the screen it might be useful for this purpose, but it is so small that you can be 15 to 30 seconds into a video clip before anything shows on the progress bar.
2.) There appears to be no way for users to manually invoke the subtitle rating window. For TV shows BSPlayer frequently downloads subtitles for the previous episode instead of the one I am trying to watch and I simply want to flag it as "Wrong Subtitle" so no one else ends up downloading the same wrong subtitle. Ditto for subtitles that are so bad they are useless - whether garbled, too many missing sections, or too out-of-sync. Ditto for spam "subtitles" that do absolutely nothing but show "Download subtitles from [URL]".
3.) When the user downloads subtitles and needs to tell BSPlayer to load them, BSPlayer should default to either the folder that the current video clip is in or - if it exists - the "Subs" folder within that folder.
4.) BSPlayer only allows the user to adjust the sync of subtitles in 1 second increments. With my hearing that is good enough because I can only sync with the action on the screen, not the sound. However, when someone with good hearing is watching with me it drives them nuts when subtitles are out of sync and they can't fix it because of that huge increment. 0.2 or 0.25 seconds would be a better increment size. A registry setting to change the increment?
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