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Originally Posted by cartman777 View Post
Hello, I've been having the same issue for weeks.

The solution that worked for me was pretty simple (silly really) but I don't know if it will help anyone else.

So, basically, I had audio in all videos but no video at all (the video frame wouldn't pop up at all). All I did (after re-installing the player and the codecs a million times) was:

1) Click "video" on the main blue bar (the only thing that was visible when opening bs player)

2) Hit "full screen" (first column, second row)

And voila! The video magically appeared! I'm not sure what I did to make the video frame disappear in the first place but, in any case, that's what worked for me. I hope this helps.

Take care!
Unbelievable, thank you I've spend hours uninstalling, reinstalling both BS Player and various codexs. They should have this a pinned problem solved at the top of the forum. Again thanks.
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