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BSPeter 8th October 2011 11:46 AM

MP3-Album Art in Media Library
(This post perhaps also is somewhat related to the effect that this user possibly was also using a BS.Playlist instead of BS.Media-Audio under Media Library. This possibility surely isn't intuitive and seems confusing for users (including i.a. me, otherwise I would have thought of this possibility at the time of this post))
It seems that presently "Album-Art (Covers)" of mp3 titles in Media Library are only shown when the files are (added to library and) manually selected under "BS.Media-Audio".
It doesn't automatically update when a next title is started from the library/list.
Also it doesn't show, if (in Media Library) a BS.Playlist (e.g. Current playlist) is chosen from which the titles are selected/played.
Can it be realized that
(1) in BS.Player Media Library the Album art shown under BS.Info is updated when a next title starts; and
(2) that the album art (cover) also shows from a playlist when selected in Media Library.
I realize that this second issue is more trivial as that isn't the intention/purpose of this "playlist"-functionality in Media Library.
Perhaps it would be an idea to instead use the space of BS.Info to show some form of "help-text" when no BS.Media but a BS.Playlist is selected. Simply something like "Playlist mode (text replacing BS.Info)
To use full Media Library features: add titles from a playlist to the library and select the appropriate category under BS.Media (above)."
I think such text (which IMHO doesn't represent a big programming effort) would make the use of ML considerably more intuitive.
For audio an optional separate (resizable?) window, only showing the album art (or if absent perhaps visualizations/fractals or e.g. a nice 'skin' with a BSP-Audio logo and some info of the file playing), while main+ML-windows are minimized would be an ultimate feature (=3).

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