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lastra 6th March 2009 12:07 PM

how to watch a viedo with two subtitles?
it is possible?
and how.. thanks..

BSPeter 6th March 2009 04:19 PM

Yes it is possible (primary and secondary subtitles).
Surely if it concerns external text-based subtitles like .srt files.
What is your BS.Player version?
What type of subtitles are you referring to?
Text-based (can you open/read them in notepad) or graphic based?

kbknigon 22nd April 2009 02:45 AM

Hey, yeah I've been having the same problem. Primarily it's used when I'm watching a hardsubbed (where the subtitles are built in to the video, as opposed to using an external file) anime episode. In the opening, the Japanese words are supposed to be on the top, with the english translation on the bottom. They are both supposed to be in a custom font chosen by the fansubbers.

However, in BSPlayer, it only shows the Japanese text inth opening, on the bottom, in a default Arial font. This problem continues further in the episode, when two people are talking at once. When viewed in other players, it shows two lines of subtitles, both in English. Again, only one line is shown in this player.

I've switched to BSPlayer from VLC as my primary .mkv file player, due to VLC making the fiels stutter a lot, but I'm going to have to switch back and endure the sturttering if I can't fix this problem.

I've seen the option to enable secondary subtitles, but all that does is puts a second line of the same subtitles at the top of the screen, in a different color.

I'd really appreciate your help if you could! Thanks!

adicoto 22nd April 2009 05:04 AM

At this moment, BSPlayer does not fully support ASS/SSA subtitles. So there is no chance to see the second subtitle lines.

JulieAnne 4th July 2009 01:11 PM

I indeed can watch both subtitles with BS player

just to inform you that actually it is possible to watch both subtitles at time by loading them first by right clicking on the screen and selecting "load subtitles" option twice, one for each subtitle, and after setting primary and secondary subtitles as you like.


adicoto 6th July 2009 07:43 AM

There isn't two subtitles, but one subtitle in ASS/SSA format.

Meanwhile ASS/SSA support have been implemented using the new subtitle renderer.

JulieAnne 6th July 2009 06:51 PM

Weel, I didn't want to confront aybody anyway. I'm really really newby at this, you're the expert and I came here looking for a solution ;-). I looked for it very hard and I just wanted to share my findings by the case someone could be interested.

I dont even knew what ASS/SSA mode was until you mentioned it (and after visiting wikepedia), but I'm using two .srt different subtitles files to get what I want, which is watching two subtitles, both the O.V. and the one in your own language (Spanish in my case, so please forgive my bad English).

And now and if you don't mind to light my mind... I would like to ask to an expert if there is a way to save my preferences so I don't have to repeta the same every time I want to open a file (I've seen how to save your "preferred" language, but this does not solve the issue): Load both .srt files (once by each subtitle), and set primary and secondary subtitles.

Thank you a lot,

adicoto 6th July 2009 06:57 PM

The option to use 2 different subtitles it's implemented for probably 1 year now, we all know it's capabilityes. But in here that wasn't the issue.

As for the preferences regarding 2 different subtitles, I am not sure how you can do that. You can ease this by renaming the 2 subtitles:


so BSplayer will load both subtitles (it will know that there is a spanish subtitle (ES) and an english one (EN)
but probably you will still need to assign them for the primary and secondary subtitle.
If I find something new, I will be back.

JulieAnne 6th July 2009 07:12 PM

Well, if it doesn't the issue, I missunderstood it. Anyway, maybe someone as newby as my is looking for the same I was looking for and they can find the solution here; it will be enough if someone is helped ;-)

Regading the way to set the preferences, I had already tested what you suggest, but it doesn't work :-(

Anyway, I'm gratefull for your (quickly) responses.

See you!

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